Send A Job To Us


If you have files you would like to send to us, there are several ways you can do it:

You can email your files to us. Emailing works well for smaller files, but it’s a good idea to compress them into a single file (Stuffit, WinZip, etc). We have found that larger attachments over 10 MB may have problems or become corrupted in transferring, so you might consider breaking your files into multiple compressed files and emailing each individually. Another helpful tip is to use short file names and no special characters (i.e. !,?,*,#,/, etc.).  Also, make sure that any file(s) have a file extension (i.e. .zip, .pdf., etc) appended to the end of the name.

Click here to email files to us.

If your files are large, you can transfer them through an online website such as  or (formerly  Most offer free services, and you can pay for Premium services if you like (even though it’s unnecessary).

Locally, you can call us for a pickup. We use local couriers that can pick up your files and deliver your work back to you. This is a free service for orders over $100, and a minimal charge for orders under $100.

We accept most common forms of digital media: CD, DVD, flash drives. We can even take your old Zip (100mb or 250mb), Jaz (1Gb or 2Gb) or Syquest disks if you use them, or transfer your files from your laptop into our system if necessary.